June 2010

I have a pretty kick-ass giveaway if you’re interested. It doesn’t have anything to do with Sims except that they both involve gaming. Ever heard of Red vs Blue? Yeah, well I have a box set – 6 disc – to give one of you lucky people. It actually hits stores on the 29th and […]

I am absolutely enamored with Adam Jensen by Slipslop’s Adam Jensen. He’s an unapologetic man’s man who kicks ass and looks good doing it. And you can have his for your Sims 3 game. Surely there’s a Sim or two in one of your games who needs their ass kicked. There’s a lot of custom […]

A rather kickass video and announcement has come out of E3 today. The video and the announcement both center around The Sims 3 on consoles. First off, here’s the E3 The Sims 3 console trailer that hit today. The title says “gameplay” on the YouTube video and the video is from EA. However, the gameplay […]

I’ve been having some MAJOR slowdown issues since installing Sims 3 Ambitions. I have a sneaking suspicion the slowdown is being caused by¬†incompatible/borked custom content and I’m in the process of testing to see what which is the culprit – I’ll write about that once I get a¬†definitive answer. At any rate, after uninstalling all […]

There are basically two different kinds of jobs in Sims 3 Ambitions. The first is a career/job where you have to report to the job at a specific time and you earn specific salary. The other type of job is a “skill-based career”. This means you’re self-employed. Which is pretty cool because you get to […]