May 2010

Video robot

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum is one of those songs I listen to almost everyday. Not sure why, but it gets stuck in my head. I’m sure soon, I’ll move onto a different song to obsess over, but for the time being I’ll keep singing it loud and proud as I drive down the […]

Video robot

Today I’m bringing you three new videos that have been released and pertain to Ambitions. The first video was officially released by EA and there isn’t much to it. Liked Grant’s hair though. The second two videos are by the Community Manager at Boards.ie. Here’s the EA video that was released yesterday or today – […]

I probably shouldn’t be this excited about laundry. Especially since I absolutely HATE doing laundry in real life. But for some reason, The Sims just didn’t seem complete without that truly menial and domestic task of washing clothes.According to GamePro, the option to have your Sims do their laundry will finally be possible when Ambitions […]

I’ve written before that I pretty much suck at building houses and lots. And really? Why should I even bother when there are houses this nice that I can just downloads? The Arbor House is a great mix of a Craftsman style house and a lodge with plenty of room for a growing family or […]

I don’t know about you but I get tired of the plants that come with Sims 3. If you’re wanting to make believable water settings or a nasty, rundown looking lot, there’s not much for you. But I have something you might find mighty useful. There are just some times when you need something out […]