3 Sims 3 Ambitions Interviews with Grant Rodiek

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Today I’m bringing you three new videos that have been released and pertain to Ambitions.

The first video was officially released by EA and there isn’t much to it. Liked Grant’s hair though.

The second two videos are by the Community Manager at Boards.ie.

Here’s the EA video that was released yesterday or today – I think it was today.

Now these next two videos are the meat and potatoes videos.

Obviously two two videos that are actually Part 1 and Part 2 for a total of over 16 minutes of interview content with Grant Rodiek.

First video highlights:

  • Grant can’t talk about new expansions but mentioned they read the boards and are aware of the expansions from Sims 2 that Sims 3 players want.
  • Admitted there probably won’t be any more Sims 2 expansions and that they’re putting all of their focus on Sims 3

Second video highlights:

  • Talks about driver and card issues
  • Call customer support and FAQs if you’re having issues [duh]
  • Grant wants all the flexibility of Sims 3 and Sims City and put it all online – Sporish maybe?
  • Grant also wants flying in the game – how cool would that be?!
  • Talks a bit about the creative process
  • There’s talk about Easter Eggs in the games
  • Talk of WooHooing back in time – my brain hurts
  • Future of The Sims franchise “we’re nowhere close to running out of ideas”

Are you more interested in Ambitions now that you’ve seen these? The same amount of interest? I’m not really swayed by the videos – and I’ve had the game on pre-order for a while now – but those last two interview videos are some of the best I’ve seen.

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