Arbor House for Sims 3

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I’ve written before that I pretty much suck at building houses and lots.

And really? Why should I even bother when there are houses this nice that I can just downloads?

The Arbor House is a great mix of a Craftsman style house and a lodge with plenty of room for a growing family or the Sim who just likes a whole lot of room.

The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and will run your Sims 63, 359 to get the house unfurnished and 104,803 if your Sim wants their house to have furniture in it.

There are four pieces of custom content listed on the Overview page. None of it is “must-have” stuff and if you don’t want to get the store content, your game will just fill in the missing stuff.

If lodge style houses are you cup of tea, I highly suggest you download the Arbor House for your Sims 3 game.


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