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You all know EA is notorious for slowly releasing information about upcoming games.

They’ve held to this model with Ambitions and as you’ve seen, every few weeks we get new information or new images.

Today, I have both for you.Grant Rodiek added some new information on three of the careers in Ambitions: Firefighter, Investigator and Doctor.

If your Sim has always wanted to become a firefighter, they better work on Athleticism and Handiness if they want to rock this career.

“Athleticism will also greatly aid your firefightersa fit firefighter can do some damage when fighting a blaze! Finally, handiness goes a long way towards gaining the upper hand in a fire. Handy Sims can upgrade the fire engine, fire alarms at the station, and even their personal fire extinguisher.”

If being a PI is more your Sim’s speed, Charisma and Logic probably won’t hurt if you plan on finding all the clues and solving the case. The example Grant gave was Grant McSolver who isn’t exactly a stand-up kind of guy. It’s nice to see we’ll still be able to play “evil” characters even if the profession they choose would probably be best served with a more noble character.

And finally, Grant outlined some of the exciting things available for the medical career. Now, instead of your medically employed Sim heading into the hospital and disappearing until their shift is over, docs encounter emergencies out in town.

“For example, you might be at the bistro having a romantic meal with a love interest. Suddenly, there’s a commotion and panic – another patron is choking! Your Sim rushes over, runs the diagnosis, and hopefully makes the right call. Not bad for a first date!”

Free clinics can be setup, vaccines can be given and your docs can even receive experimental meds from companies and then test them on Sims in the town. I can only wonder what effects will be seen from those experimental medicines.

All in all, the news is interesting and makes me wonder if there are other careers that haven’t been announced yet. Only time will tell.

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