3 Awesome New LG Plasma TVs for Sims 3

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While the TVs available in Sims 3 aren’t that bad, it does get old when you find yourself using the same ones over and over again.

These three new LG plasmas from Lunararc give you more TVs to choose from and choice is a great thing.

One of the beautiful things about these TVs is the fact there are three different recolourable channels so you can make patterned TVs or color them to perfectly match your decor.

Obviously you have three different sizes – that 70″ booger is taller than a Sim – and all three of them are placed on the floor. This is a new mesh which means these are completely new objects and, they just came out today!

These babies don’t come cheap: 46″ = 3500, 58″ = 6500, 70″ = 9500. But, the price is right for something of this size and quality.

If you need a some new TVs in your Sims 3 game, download these LG Plasma TVs.


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