Sliders are a great way to customize the look of your Sims.

Read about two of the sliders Koeniou loves and uses.

These two mods – CAS Sliders and Head Shape Slider – work together in CAS (Create-A-Sim) to give a lot more variation in creating a Sim. Since I’ve installed them I’ve used them on nearly every Sims that I’ve made, and I couldn’t be happier. To me, this brings the Sims 3 character creation to a good middle ground between the one built into the Sims 2 and Second Life (Don’t judge me! I had to play it for two weeks as part of a university course, I swear!).

The reason for these mods is that soon after the Sims 3 Base Game was released many Sims 3 Gamers complained that because of the lack of variation and amount of default sliders in the game, Sims generally looked alike. The other common complaint was that Sims looked ‘doughy’ and that faces could never really match up with the body shape that people wanted – they all tended to have ‘chubby’ cheeks. To try and vary it up these incredible modders made it so that you can change many different aspects of your Sim’s body – from breast size to the size of their calves and much in between.

How these mods work is that they install themselves in leftover/extra slots in the CAS – specifically they can be found under the ‘lips’ section. As yet modders haven’t been able to create a whole new section for body sliders, so it is a bit weird to head into the ‘lips’ section to change the size of your Sims hips etc. I believe that if you have a core-mod installed (Awesomemod if I remember correctly) they’ve been able to add even more sliders to the game. I can’t confirm this though because I never seem to be able to get Awesomemod to work for more than a week straight before something goes haywire.

Please remember to read the instructions on Mod-the-Sims correctly & fully, because if you don’t your game may not load (I broke mine for about half a day before I realised my mistake – learn from me so you don’t have to make the same one!). Choose the aspects that you want to change the most about your Sims – for instance I really wanted to change the hips and waists of my Sims, so I made sure they were the sliders that I installed. There’s quite a lot to pick and choose between.

What I find particularly impressive about this mod is that if you use the sliders for breast size on a male Sim it doesn’t appear to make any difference. However, the trait is bound to his in game ‘genetics’ and he will hand that down to any female children that he has.

The one thing that I’m still waiting for – either from EA or the modding community – is a way to vary the height of sims! They are always the same height, even when wearing heels! Its always irked me in the game, but I’m sure there’s someone out there working on it.

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