He was the King of Pop and even after death, he still released a movie which people clamored to get into.

If you were a huge Michael Jackson fan and want to keep him around in your Sims 3 game and/or you just want to play a cool looking Sim, look no further.

Princess Leia did a fantabulous job creating a believable Sims 3 version of Michael Jackson.

I will admit he looks a tad bit creepy in that second shot.

Princess Leia’s suggestion to “play him with these traits: Virtuoso, Family-Oriented, Childish, Insane and Party Animal. I had to include Party Animal in there to get the Rock Star lifetime wish” made me giggle. I doubt better traits could be picked.

Things you should download so he looks just as…interesting as in the screenshot:

Download Michael Jackson for your own Sims 3 and let the hilarity ensue.

Image/Princess Leia

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