Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood for Sims 3

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If you’re not acquainted with True Blood or Charlaine Harris’s series of books, you probably have no clue as to who Lafayette Reynolds is or why you’d want him in your Sims 3 game.

If you are acquainted with the aforementioned things then you know Reynolds is the resident bayou queen with a flare for the flamboyant.

And he’s here. Waiting for you to download him.

The main discrepancy between the show and books when it comes to Lafayette Reynolds is the fact Reynolds is killed off early in the book series and here it is almost Season 3 of True Blood and he’s still around and sparkling.

Not that I mind. He’s one hell of a character.

Whether your a True Blood fan, Sookie Stackhouse books fan, or both, you can appreciate a good Sim when you see one and this Lafayette is a damn good facsimile.

Three things you’ll need for Lafayette to look like he does in Arisuka’s shots

Download Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood for Sims 3 and enjoy!


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