Ambrosia in Sims 3: What It Is and Why You Want It

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If you’ve been playing Sims 3 for longer than a month, you’ve probably heard of ambrosia or at least seen the recipe book at the local Sims 3 book store and wondered what the hell they’re talking about.

If you’re like me – from the South – ambrosia is this gross fruit salad thing that always seems to get served just shy of cool.

This is NOT the ambrosia they’re talking about in Sims 3.

What is it? Why would you ever want to make it? And what the hell does it do? How the heck do you make it?

I’ve got your answers.

When the folks behind Sims 3 came up with ambrosia, they must have been referring to the ambrosia of the Greek gods. The ambrosia in Sims 3 is kind of like what Homer was writing about not really.

What is ambrosia anyway?

The ambrosia of Sim 3 turns ghosts back into people.

Pretty handy to have some of that stuff hanging out in the fridge if your Sim’s house is haunted or if your Sim has one leg in the grave. You can’t do this with just any ghost – they must be a “playable” ghost. If you can control their actions then you can resurrect their ectoplasmic ass.

How the do I make ambrosia?

This is where things get a bit sticky since ambrosia making requires highish levels in multiple skills: cooking, fishing and gardening. You have to be a level 10 to even read the stupid Ambrosia Recipe Book and you need to have a skill level of 7 or 8 in the other two skills.

  • Death Fish
  • Life Fruit

Have your playable ghost create the ambrosia, eat it and then you’ve got yourself a resurrected Sim. Woot!

But, wait! Where do I get that stuff?! It’s not in the store!

If the Death Fish and Life Fruit were just chillin’ at the store, this wouldn’t be a very challenging dish to create so EA has made it “fun” for you.

The Death Fish is swimming in the graveyard in Sunset Valley. You’re going to catch this rather unattractive fish when the ghosts are out playing – after midnight – and with an Anglefish on your hook.

While you’re at the graveyard, scout around for seeds hanging out just waiting for you to pick them up and plant them. You’re looking for a “special” seed. It might take you a while – and you might get lucky – but if you make a habit of picking up seeds when you find them, you’ll probably stumble upon one of these bad boys when you’re not even really looking for one.

Random Useful Tidbits

  • If you don’t want to spend the time learning all of those pesky skills, feel free to cheat your ass off with the Super Speedy Skill Books I wrote about. Your Sims will level up so quickly you won’t be able to close the dialog box before another one pops up.
  • You’re going to need a butt ton of cash to buy the Ambrosia Recipe. If your Sim doesn’t have the cash on-hand, might I suggest you use the “motherlode” cheat? In a case like this, CTRL Shift C and then motherlode is your friend.
  • Ambrosia doesn’t go bad so if you have the ingredients in your inventory, make a bunch of it.
  • Ambrosia can also be eaten by living Sims and it will grace the Sim with +75 mood for 7 days from “Divine Meal”. Resurrected Sims will also get the bump in mood.
  • Your “alive” Sims can prepare ambrosia for your ghost Sims if the ghost Sims don’t have the skill levels required.

Helpful Ambrosia Game Hacks/Downloads

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