Sims 3 Toddlers Learn Skills Super Fast

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I wrote last month about a hack that makes it so your Sims learn skills super fast. The only problem with that hack is toddlers don’t benefit from it since Sims have to read skill books to activate the hack and toddlers don’t read.

With regards to toddlers, I use a trio of hacks created by Lostaccount that speed up learning how to talk, how to walk and lessens the amount of time it takes to potty train your toddlers.

There are two different “flavors” of each of these you can download – only download one from each hack – which allows you to decide just how quickly you want your toddlers to learn these skills. I’m pretty sure all of them are 4x and 10x normal speed.

I use the 10x normal speed because, when your Sims want to have like 50 kids, you don’t want to spend your precious baby making time on teaching the rugrats how to go on the potty, walk and talk. And from personal experience, these hacks come in VERY handy when your Sims end up having multiple babies at once.

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