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I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking me what types of custom content I run on my game and I figured this would be as good a time as any to share the link love with you guys and these awesome creators.

The custom content is categorized very much like I’ve set up my folders for my game. At any rate, there’s a description with everything so you shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out what is what.

Let’s start from the skin and go from there.


To get these skins to show up, you need to work some Sims 3 deleting magic and get rid of your simcompositor.cache file that’s hiding out here –> Documents> Electronic Arts> Sims 3. After each time you install a skin, you need to go back and delete that .cache file. Don’t freak – the game will create a new one.

  • Hysterical Paroxysm’s Increased Texture Detail & Shine – This is the skin I use and I’ve had no complaints and no issues. The skin is beautiful and makes even randomly created Sims look a lot better. There are several different “level” to this skin so you can choose exactly what you want and just how much you want to see. This is a default replacement and installing these on your game WILL replace the skin files that came with your game.
  • Traelia’s Realism Skins – I’m a big, big fan of Traelia and this is a very good skin. It comes as a default replacement and also as a non-default skin so you can have another skin and this one and they’ll both show up if you’re wanting to do something like that.
  • Kanno’s Moonlight Skin – One thing I really like about Kanno’s skin is it is for all ages so even your children will look better.


  • Delry’s Deep Eyes – These are the eyes I use – I use the “contacts”. I love these eyes and how they add more interest to Sims’ faces. You can either download the default replacement eyes or get the “contacts” like I did. Contacts are found in the costume makeup part of CAS.
  • Shady’s Multicolor Eyes – I’ve used these eyes before and they’re beautiful. The different colors in the eyes make them look more realistic than a single color eye.
  • Syera’s Default Replacement Eyes – These were the first eyes I ever downloaded. They’re wonderful if you want the look of the default eyes from the game but with a smaller iris.

Hair and Eyebrows


  • Arisuka’s Tamed Stallion for Males – These don’t replace anything that’s currently in game and are awesome if you’re wanting to make a “manly-man”.
  • Mermaid Bellamy’s Male Brow – This is another set of brows I have installed. I like that they’re more realistic than a lot of the default eyebrows available for the guys. Not default replacements.
  • Daluved1’s Toddler Eyebrows – Most of the brows available are for teens and up. These eyebrows are custom made for your toddlers and get rid of that damn caterpillar that seems to reside on Sims toddler foreheads.
  • Hysterical Paroxysm Under Your Brows Basic Brows Set – The first set of brows I ever downloaded and I still use them from time to time. They’re good, clean eyebrows and if you’re going to download just one then I’d probably go with this one.
  • Daluved1’s Glamour Brow – Adjustable brows for your female Sims teen and up. These aren’t default replacements.


Makeup and Stuff:


These are the things I’ve either used in my game or currently use. Obviously I didn’t include everything I use because I use a TON of custom content and it gets tiring looking for all those links so you guys can go check the stuff out.

If you have custom content you love, leave a link to it in the comments section. I’m always up for checking out new stuff.


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