Pilnar Alien Race Comes to Sims 3

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Breaking news: the Pilnar alien race is taking over Sims 3!!!

Run for your lives!


So maybe they’re not taking over but they sure are cool to look at.

These Sims are – obviously – custom Sims and very unique custom Sims, at that.

What I would love to see is an entire family of Pilnars. A mommy, daddy and baby Pilnar. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Since I haven’t installed these guys in my game yet, I don’t know if you can interbreed the races but imagine if you could. Those would be some strange, strange looking people/alien beings.

If you think these guys are as cool as I do, you can download them for your Sims 3 game today.

Just don’t be surprised when they start showing up everywhere.


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