Sims Players – Four Types

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I’ve been playing The Sims since the original game came out and after all this time, I’ve decided there are basically four different types of Sims players.

Which one are you?

Maybe you can come up with more types but these four seem to be broad enough to cover just about everyone. If you think of another, leave it in the comments.

#1 The Vindictive Creator

You have some serious beef with someone and you passively-aggressively rain down your wrath on them – in your Sims game. Chances are good they probably have no clue who you are but you sure showed them in your game!

#2 Exactly Like You

You make Sims that look exactly like you. You make Sims that act exactly like you. From your hatred of art and love of indie music to your propensity to never be naked, you are looking to redo your life. Right old wrongs, get the career you always dreamed of and finally catch that big fish – literally.

#3 Polar Opposite of You

You know you and you know you’re boring. Sometimes, you create the you that should have been.  In real life, you suck with the ladies, but in Sims 3, you haven’t met a chick you couldn’t woohoo. Sometimes, you make a Sim so different from you that it makes you a tad bit uncomfortable. You’re probably the most adventurous of the Sims players.

#4 A Mix of You and Who You Want to Be

You have your good traits and you have your bad. You’re mentally balanced enough to realize playing yourself would get old quick so your Sims have the best of both worlds – the good you and the stuff you’re lacking.

Which type are you?


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