Jellybean Bunny for Sims 3

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Easter is Sunday and though you have bunny patterns, your game is still missing something…

How about a bunny for your Sims 3 kids? [Or heck, for the adults if they’re so inclined.]

Jellybean Bunny can be enjoyed by any age Sim and if he’s/its put in a crib with a toddler, that toddler will get the added benefit of Cuddle Time and +20 Mood.

Jellybean Bunny is based on the existing Maxis bear РMr. Hugglesworth or whatever his name is Рbut with cute modifications like the most obvious modification: the ears.

There are three different recolourable channels on this bunny – the fur, the overalls and the shirt under the overalls. I Am Rosa was nice enough to provide you with three already colored bunnies so you can just grab one and go if that’s what you want to do or you can make him zebra striped if you’re so inclined…though I have a feeling that would be kind of weird.

I have HELS installed and my game is patched up to the most recent patch and Jellybean Bunny shows up in my game and works like a charm. He’s a great addition to any game and does not replace the bear that’s included with The Sims 3.

To add a bit more bunny to your Sims 3 game, download him today – just in time for Easter!


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