Sims 3 Bunny Patterns Ready for Easter

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It’s almost Easter and even if you’re not religious, I bet you still partake in the bunnies, chocolate and other random goodies that tend to pop-up around this time of year.

And since you have bunnies on the brain, I know you’re wanting some bunny patterns so you can spruce up your Sims’ houses for the holiday.

Look no further. I bring you bunnies.

At least one of these bunny patterns should appeal to just about everyone.

Pattern A, created by Tammy Trauma, is a “classic” bunny pattern. Perfect for kids rooms, a bunnytastic bathroom or just about anywhere that just doesn’t have enough bunny. You can download this classic bunny pattern for Sims 3 here.

Pattern B, created by Sweetichigodream, is more of a retro/modern bunny. Clothing/accessories would be a bunnyrific way to use this pattern – though walls and furniture are definitely not out of the question. Get the retro/modern bunny pattern for Sims 3 here.

Pattern C, created by Kmtnewsman, is a “classic” bunny pattern of a whole nother flavor than Pattern A. As if you didn’t know, Pattern C is the Playboy bunny and would work hoppingly as a pattern for bathing suits, underwear or casual shirts. Then again, drapes and furniture would also benefit from some bunny. Download the Playboy bunny pattern for Sims 3 here.

Each pattern has multiple recolourable channels so you can color these bunnies to work with just about any design theme.

Everyone can use more bunnies in their lives – even your Sims.

Images/Tammy Trauma, Sweetichigodream and Kmtnewsman

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