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Mini Coopers might be small but they pack a big punch when it comes to style.

In addition to that, they’re just so darn cute it’s hard not to want one. But not everyone has the money or the access to the darling little cars.

Unless you have Sims 3 installed…

I will admit that when I think about what cars I want in my Sims 3 game, the Mini Cooper S doesn’t come to mind. Then again, I drive a big SUV and have two kids and I tend to create my Sims games based on my own life – is that weird?

Just because I hadn’t thought of it, doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantabulous idea to have one in your game. I’ve downloaded the car and think everyone should have one; they’re just so damn cute!

You have three different channels you can color to your heart’s desire: the roof, the mirrors and the body. The possible design combinations boggles the mind.

Leesester did an amazing job on this car and it works in the base game, World Adventures and High-End Loft Stuff.

If you’ve been looking for an off-beat car to add to your Sims 3 garage, I highly suggest you download the Mini Cooper S.

*Edited to add: There has been some concern over whether or not this car will show up in-game. It did work in my game and I’m patched to the most current patch on all games. If you’re having issues with the car, make sure you’ve placed it in the most recent expansion/stuff pack you have installed. Meaning, if you have World Adventures installed, you’ll put the car in the Mods folder for World Adventures. Same for High-End Loft.

First Image/Leesester Second Image/Amy Tucker

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  • http://dawnandjimmy.us/blog/ Dawn

    now that I’ve finally FOUND my Sims 3 disk, I might actually get to play it for a few hours today while hubby’s work laptop is here. (Can’t play on my pc :((( ) and I’m definitely going to hook my sim up with a new Mini -how CYOOT!

    • Amy

      I can’t believe you lost it in the first place. 😉

  • ms

    didnt work but thanks

    • Amy

      I’m actually having the same issue as you.

      Are you running any expansion packs? What are you patched up to?

      I’m currently trying to figure out what’s up and I’ll update the post once I get a solution.

    • Amy

      I edited the post. See above.

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