Custom 1950 Ford F 1 Pick-Up for Sims 3

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One of my favorite sub-groups of Sims 3 custom content is vehicles.

If you find a good creator, you stick with them and Fresh-Prince is one of those creators.

His 1950 Ford F1 is a sight to behold…and download.
Old Ford trucks are some of the prettiest vehicles out there but the price tag for one that isn’t falling apart is prohibitive for just about everyone.

Now you can live out your dreams with a great Sims 3 truck that has style.

It’s awesome, isn’t it?

And, if you don’t like red, don’t worry about it – the body, interior, rims and the grill are all recolourable.

Make note that the lights don’t work but that didn’t keep me from downloading the truck. I almost always let my Sims drive when I’m in “map mode” anyway so it makes no difference to me if the lights work or not.

You want this sweet truck, don’t you?

Download this Ford 1950 F1 truck for Sims 3 and have a retro blast.


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