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If you’ve spent any time on one of the many Sims-related forums, you’ve read about “TestingCheats”.

What you might not know is what “TestingCheats” means or how the heck to use them. Or, for that matter, why you might want to use them.

I’ve got your answers.

What is TestingCheats?

TestingCheats is a powerful “tool” you enable by pulling up the cheat window by typing CTRL Shift C and then TestingCheatsEnabled true.

How do you use TestingCheats?

There are a bunch of different options that open up to you when you enable TestingCheats.

For instance, if you hold down CTRL Shift and then click on the mailbox, you can make any of the Service Sims show up, you can force the game to make friends for your Sim if they happen to suck at that task and you can even make it so your Sim knows every single Sim in that town.

If you Shift-click on the ground, you have the option to teleport – this comes in particularly handy if you make the mistake of buying that damn island as your vacation lot whilst in Al Simhara. Not that I made that mistake or anything. *sigh*

If you’ve been using the “motherlode” cheat – which adds $50k to your active Sim’s available funds – using TestingCheatsEnabled true and familyfunds [Familyname amount] will let you add any amount instead of using motherlode over and over and over…not that I’ve ever done that. So, if you planned on using that cheat, you’d type familyfunds Bumpington 36000000. You know…if you like lots of money and stuff.

For an exhaustive list, you can check out Mod the Sims’s list of TestingCheats cheats. Lots of stuff I haven’t mentioned on there.

Why would you want to use TestingCheats?

There are some of you out there who have never cheated even once on your Sims 3 game. You’re a hardcore player and you think cheating is for the birds. If that describes you then you I’m not quite sure why you’ve read this far anyway.

BUT, if you have a Sim your Sim has been wooing for what feels like months and you can’t quiet get that loving feeling going, you might be interested in the fact you can manually manipulate the “relationships slider” to increase – or decrease – your active Sim’s relationships. Heck, even if your Sims just met that other Sim, you can change the relationship.

The “money cheat” is a big helper to me since I always use “motherlode”; the ability to enter the exact amount I want saves me time and finger cramps.

Basically, TestingCheats saves you time and headaches and is a heck of a lot of fun.

Try them out, you just might like it.


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