Custom Sim Sara Mareux for Sims 3

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When I first saw this Sim, I thought, “This is one of the coolest Sims I’ve ever seen!”

And before I decided to feature her, I tried to figure out just what made her so awesome.

I can’t decide. If you can, you let me know.

Sara Mareux is described as “a quirky young woman” and if you check out the second image on the Overview page, “quirky” seems like an understatement [it’s in the slider at the top of the page].

Mareux is Clumsy, Artistic, Excitable, a Heavy Sleeper and has a Good Sense of Humor. If you’re going to be “quirky” you better be able to laugh at life.

I’m seriously in love with this Sim and I think you should be too.

Read the Overview page regarding World Adventures, games crashing and the such.

No. Really.

Read it. It’s important.

Also, make a note of the custom content links if you want her to look just as fantastic as she does in the image above – there’s some cool stuff.

Download her silly, beautiful, quirky ass for your Sims 3 game now!


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