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When I give advice, I generally give pretty decent advice – if I do say so myself.

However, I have a problem with forgetting that advice and going off in left field.

And then I screw-up my game.

I always say you should add custom content bit-by-bit, test it out and make sure everything is hunky-dory with your game.

Even if you’re installing custom content from a creator you’ve never had issues with before TEST THE STUFF.

As you can probably guess, I downloaded a ton of stuff last night and was extremely excited to get all these pretty clothes on my Sims. Since I’ve been considering participation in a Legacy Challenge, I was rearing to go with a new character.

Since I completely cleared all the cache in my game, it took a coon’s age to load the game but that’s to be expected when the game has to create all new caches. No big deal.

The next thing I noticed was my CAS taking a very, very long time to load.

When I say “a very, very long time”, I mean I got a rum and coke, went to the bathroom, put a load of laundry in to wash and when I came back, the damn thing was still loading.

After it finally came up, the performance was sluggish at best. Click on “Hair” and wait two minutes for the game to catch up with itself.

So now I’ve pulled all the custom content out of my game excluding Awesomemod and I’m starting back with custom content I know worked fine – stuff I’ve never had an issue with.

And then, I shall take my own advice – finally – and add some custom stuff and then TEST IT. If everything’s good, I’ll add some more.

Bit by bit, my game shall be made of awesome.

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