Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan for Sims 3

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I doubt I’m the only person who had no clue as to who Kristen Stewart was prior to the Twilight and New Moon movies.

Just like I had never heard of Robert Pattinson prior to his role in the Harry Potter movie. Lord know, both of these actors are huge stars now.

And if you downloaded the Robert Pattinson I featured earlier, you might as well download Kristen Stewart – cause they love each other and stuff.

And to be completely clear, I think Traelia did a fantastic job with Kristen Stewart. In fact, I’m pretty much in love with all she’s done. If you haven’t been to Traelia’s creator page on Mod the Sims, I highly suggest you head there now…but come back. Ok?

Kristen Stewart was created using no slider hacks so you don’t have to have any of those installed for her to look like she does in this image:

There are six different bits of custom content you need to download – links are included on the Overview page – if you want her to look exactly like she does above but, if you don’t download any of that stuff, your game will replace it with what you have. So, if you install Stewart on a base game install with no other custom content, you’ll end up with default skin, hair, eyes…you get the idea.

This is on the Overview page but I’m going to make note of it here to since this could cause a big headache for you. The hair that’s listed for Kristen Stewart might cause your game to crash. As Traelia says, if your game crashes, just remove the hair files and you should be back to good.

Robert Pattinson isn’t RPatz without Kristen Stewart. Make him happy and download Bella Swan Kristen Stewart for your Sims 3 game.


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