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If you’ve seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire then you know who Robert Pattinson is.

Wait. That’s not the movie you know him from? You must have seen Remember me.

Still not the one? Oh! You mean that Twilight stuff, don’t you?

Whatever movie you know Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson from, I’ve got him and you know you want him.

You know you’ve been needing some people to put with your Twilight houses. [Don’t tell anyone, but I have Bella coming up. Shh!]

Keep in mind this is Robert Pattinson and not technically supposed to be Edward Cullen. Maybe one of these days EA will give us our vampires back and then someone can make a vampire Edward Cullen. But, all that having been said, this Robert Pattinson still looks pretty damn good.

If you read the Overview page – which you should – you’ll see you need Awesomemod or the IndieStone Mod since his face has been heavily edited and he’s not going to look like this in your game if you don’t have one of those mods installed.

In addition to the Pattinson file, you also need download the CAS parts file – this contains his custom eyebrows, nose mask and the lip texture.

Download Robert Pattinson for your Sims 3 game today…you know you want to.


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