World Adventures for iPhone and iPod Touch

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As you probably know, the casual gaming/mobile gaming market has blown up in the past ten years and EA is riding that train right to the bank.

If playing Sims 3 World Adventures at home on your computer isn’t enough, now you can play it on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

From the gameplay and screenshots I’ve seen, this looks like a shrunken version of the full version. And what I mean by that is some phone versions of games look like crap and you know exactly that I mean. You’ve played some of those games, I’m sure. Case in point: the “Smartphone” version of World Adventures.

Luckily for you iPhone and iPod Touch owners, World Adventures looks a lot better on your devices.

I don’t have a price for you on this and heck, I don’t even have a release date. But, I do have those four purty pictures and a gameplay video.

That’s pretty good, right?


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