Male Sims vs. Female Sims

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When I first started playing Sims 3, I created only female Sims. I figured, hey, I am a woman, I can relate, it will be easier.

Was that ever an incorrect assumption?

The Sim I am currently playing (and you guys were right, I found “the one”) is a man.

I have discovered that it is so much easier to be a man.

I wonder if this is true in real life as well. Perhaps you dudes can chime in on this. But really, I am having a much easier time making friends, advancing my skill levels in all areas, and progressing at my job as a man. I don’t believe that it is just the personality traits I have given him either.

I have given female Sims the same kinds of traits – friendly, good kisser, family oriented – and they have had no success with the opposite sex or even making any kind of decent connection with others. Yes, it is true that I have not played them for extreme amounts of time before tiring of them and moving on, but it literally took this man less than two days to make a friend and start something with a female Sim.

What the hell?

He also got promoted four times in two weeks. If only that was how it worked in real life.

I am really looking forward to continuing on with him. He dreams about babies constantly. Maybe I’ll get him fertility treatments and have a brood. I bet he’ll be father of the year – he seems to excel at everything he does, much more than my female Sims ever did.

What are your experiences with this? Do you find it easier to play as male or female Sims? Did I just stumble across the perfect combination of personality traits? Am I just figuring out the game finally?

Or, do men really have it easier than women in Sims 3?

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