Alice from Alice in Wonderland for Sims 3

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Alice in Wonderland is HUGE right now with the release of the new movie staring Johnny Depp estimated to have made over 41 million dollars.

If you’ve seen the movie or you want to see the movie, you probably want Alice in your Sims 3 game more than anything.

And I’ve got her for you!

There are some Sims you look at and think, “Wow. That Sim is horrible! It look NOTHING like who it’s supposed to be.”

Well, that ain’t the case with this Alice.

Anubis360 did a bang-up job with Alice and you need this Sim in your game. Plain and simple.

There are three bits of custom content you need or Alice isn’t going to work for you. The links are included on the Overview page so make sure you check that out.

Also, a word on installing Alice to your Sims 3 game.

This is a time when you do mess with your My Documents folder. You install Alice here –> My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims. Everything else goes in the Mods\Packages folder.

If you don’t install the files right then Alice won’t work and you’ll probably make her cry. You don’t want that, now do you?

Don’t make Alice cry, download her for your Sims 3 game.


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