Sims 3 Has Robots if You Download This

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One of the many complaints I hear a lot about Sims 3 is “Sims 3 doesn’t have any robots!!”

If you download the custom content I have for you today then your Sims 3 game will have robots!

As much as I love me some robots, that wasn’t the first thing I bitched about but we all have our “things”, don’t we?

A point of fact real quick before I move on. If you look at the inventor screenshots, there’s a robot in one of them which leads me to believe Ambitions will bring EA created robots. But, that Expansion doesn’t hit until June and you want robots NOW.

So how do you go about getting a robot in your Sims 3 game?

You download the Servo from Sims 2 that EsmeraldaF converted for use in Sims 3.

The robot works fine in World Adventures as well as the base game so if you just have the base, there’s no reason to worry.

Read through the information on the Overview page so you don’t end up with a Servo that has shoe textures on the Servo’s back and arms.

Click here to download the Servo robot from Sims 2 for your Sims 3 game!


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    SHITSSS why does my norton blockit cananyone tell me how to do it unblock it like change the setting plssss help

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