Zero Punctuation Review of Sims 3

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I know this is a bit old but I have mad love for Yahtzee Croshaw – the guy who does the Zero Punctuation reviews.

He makes some pretty good points about the lack of content with the base game and the supplementation of the anemic content with stuff you buy from the Sims 3 Store…unless you download some rockin’ custom content – which you should be doing.

Watch the video and remember, if you’ve never seen one of Yahtzee’s videos, that part of his charm is the fact he’s brutally honest.

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  • http://twitter.com/koeniou Koeniou

    Yahtzee is part of a team of people that are opening a gaming bar in Queensland, Australia (The Manna Bar its called). My boyfriend is going to the opening night to cover it for one of the websites he works for. 🙂

    I’m just jealous that he gets to met Yahtzee.

    • Amy

      You. Are. Lying.

      REALLY?! Holy shit balls! Get me an autograph? PLEASE?!!!

      I’ll pay for shipping and everything. 😀

      • http://twitter.com/koeniou Koeniou

        I’ll ask him. He is supposed to be playing it cool at NOT be a huge fan boy at the event, but I’ll ask.

        I just wish we could’ve afforded for me to go up as well, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Luckily my parents live in Queensland so next time we’re up there we’ll definitely be visiting the bar so I might get luck in meeting Yahtzee (or Matt and Yug from Australia Gamer who are also involved).

        • Amy

          “He is supposed to be playing it cool[..]”

          Yeah. Right.

          You know he’s gonna be all like “Mr. Yahtzee, sir…can I have your babies?”

          And that would just be weird. Him getting an autograph for me would be much less weird. 😀

          • http://twitter.com/koeniou Koeniou

            He’s going to try his best. Do you have any objections to “Dear Amy: FUCK YOU, Yahtzee” because that’s probably the best you’re going to get from him. 🙂

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  • Amy

    I would frame that shit and you know it. 😀

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