Backless Shower Hack for Sims 3

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I have this bad habit of buying my Sims a house and then spending hours designing the thing.

I’m not very good at it but it makes me happy and one of main sticking point is always the bathroom and the ugly ass showers that are offered – until now.

These hacks of the base showers are freakin’ awesome and take out that nasty back wall.

I like my bathrooms to have two different tiles – one at the top and one at the bottom – and no matter what I would do, no style I applied to those freakin’ showers would make them behave and act right with what I had already designed.

My design prayers have finally been answered.

This is the Exhilarating X-Foliater Shower you might recognize but without a back. Ain’t that the coolest?

And this is the Simple Shower that doesn’t look quite so simple any longer – I love the colors in this one!

A much needed and appreciated bit of custom content.

Click here to download backless showers for Sims 3.


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