Sims 3 Issues and Counting Pre-Hatched Chickens

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Have you ever done something and even though it wasn’t totally done, you still declared yourself victorious?

There’s a reason why “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched” is a cliché – because it’s true.

Just when I thought I was good to go and would be spending my weekend playing Sims 3, I ran into new and different – JOY! – issues.

I followed the instructions EA posted about manually uninstalling Sims 3 so you make sure you get each and everything off of you system.

I was cookin’ with gas now, y’all.

My system was free and clear of all things Sims and I was ready to reinstall the program – again – and get to creating some new Sims since I’m the genius who didn’t backup her stuff. Oh. Well.

As long as I got to play, I wasn’t too worried.

I downloaded the EA Download Manager – again – and went to reinstall the games since I bought them all via digital download. And here’s where things get fishy.

Instead of “Start” next to Sims 3, I had “Play”. Wah?

I checked my “Uninstall Programs” deal and couldn’t find any Sims 3 games. I checked out the Registry and everything was blank. I looked under “Games” on my system since I knew it wouldn’t be there either and guess what? It was there.

When I tried to run the game, I was informed that the setup installation wasn’t complete and to reinstall. But here’s the issue. I can’t figure out how the hell to make the Download Manager realize I need to reinstall the game. That will be something I get to discover tonight.

Fun times.


One thing I’ve learned, never declare victory until after you know your Sims install is a-okay.

Image/Byron Rollins

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