Uninstalling Sims 3

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I love custom content and have been very fortunate to have never run into any problems with custom content screwing up my game. VERY lucky.

But, apparently my luck has run out.If you’ve ever seen this picture then you’re probably in a heap of trouble…right along with me.

I haven’t had the time to play Sims 3 in a week or so since I was setting up the site and all but the last time I played it, it loaded right up. I did notice it would freeze if I Alt+Tabbed out of the game for some reason. In the past I could jump between Sims 3 and my desktop without any issues. I just resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t be able to get out of the game once I started and I guess that’s not really such a bad thing.

Last night I planned on playing and before launching the…launcher…I got a couple of things and went to install them – note the “!” next to Uploads. When I would click on Uploads to install the content, I got a black box.


I went in and deleted my custom content and made sure everything was as it was supposed to be but nothing worked. Even attempting to bypass the launcher didn’t work.

SO, I have uninstalled all of my Sims 3 games. No more High-End Loft Stuff. No more World Adventures. No more Sims 3.

Well…no more until I restart and reinstall the bastards. And set up my framework again. And start moving custom content over to see what the game will run.

It’s going to be a long day.

Image/Amy Tucker

  • Kirsty Everett

    I’m having a similar problem. I can’t uninstall Sims 3 High-End Loft. Every time I put in the disk it keeps poppnig up with “unistall” box, and after I go through the uninstall progress, it’s still there in control panel.
    Have you had any luck with fixing it?

  • Rebecca

    i sorta have the same problem. i just got sims 3 world adventures and i was very excited. i already had sims 3 ambitons installed. so i installed sims 3 world adventures just fine but now evrey time i go to play world adventures it says no disk found please insert sims 3 ambitions it so anoyying and i cant play my new game. im very sad:(

    • Amy
    • nike

      I’ve been having the exact same problem except i already have downloaded the sims 3 ambitions and now im trying to download the sims 3 high-end loft and i downloaded it and it seemed to be working fine but everytime i click on it the sims 3 high-end loft it just brings up ambitions and says to please but in the disk. did you fix your problem?

      • Amy

        I fixed it…but now I’ve broken the bitch AGAIN!

        Yeah. I know. You really want to be taking advice from me, right?

        I’m most likely talking out of my ass right now but since Ambitions came out after High-End Loft, I’m going to say that’s why it’s asking for the Ambitions disc.

        Do you have the disc? And even if you do/don’t have it, you might check out MATY and Awesomemod for the “no disc” feature:


  • Kimberly

    I have been haveing trouble with mine alot. I had to uninstall all my sims games (the sims 3,Ambitions,high end loft stuff, World adventures) to redo my computer. Then i ended up looseing my sims 3 booklet with the serial code in. So i looked on google. Not the smartest idea but hey i was kinda despret since i run a full time youtube channel with like seven other people.After re-enstalling sims 3 I kept getting a Core_launch_failure error message everytime i open the sims launcher. So i used someone’s website to download the ea download manager. (to have helped me tuns before)It seems i keep running into problem after problem.
    Now im also getting a sims 3 can not connect to ea download manager. Help Me Please!!!! Much thanks and you will thanked on The youtube channel.

  • stugotz

    Try to use the ADD/REMOVE program in your Control panel first. If you still have problems try a good software removal utility: http://uninstallmysoftware.com

  • Calebfitzhugh

    How do i uninstall sims3

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