Sims 3 Qtcore4.dll Issue

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After running Sims 3 on this system since the game was released and then installing World Adventures and High-End Loft Stuff shortly after they were released, I’ve had no issues with the game.

Until today.

Today I wrote about uninstalling all of my Sims 3 games because of Launcher issues which I assumed were caused by custom content.

I uninstalled it all and then started reinstalled the games, starting with the base game and going from there. At least, that was my plan. After I got done installing Sims 3, of course the game prompted me that I need to update the game and since we’re on patch like 10 million or something now, I expected that to take a while.

And then I got an error saying my laptop was missing the Qtcore4.dll.

Well, what the hell is that?!

Of course, I consulted my on-site tech support – Google – and found all kinds of helpful sites which offered FREE Qtcore.dll downloads in a convenient zip file and didn’t I want to go ahead and not only download their super awesome FREE Qtcore.dll and their FREE computer scanner but also subscribe to their AMAZING ¬†program thingie?

I mean, it seemed like a really good deal. Right?

Yeah. Not so much.

Since it was a .dll error and I have had experience with nasty ass .dll trojans, I did download a reputable free registry cleaner [Abexo] from CNET and ran that. I’m not quite sure if it helped anything but it made me feel better.

I was just about to tell technician Google where he could put his crappy suggestions when I got the brilliant idea – only brilliant because it worked – to search around on some Sims 3 forums and actually got lucky on my first try…first because I already had the tab open and I’m damn lazy.

The solution is on Mod the Sims and you’ll probably have to have an account to read it but I’ll summarize what you need to do in case you don’t feel like signing up…though that is a rather handy account to have.

Ready for a bit of interesting though annoying news? You know how I blamed custom content for my Launcher screwing up? Sorry, custom content. I should have blamed the Launcher since that was my issue and that’s what’s going on for you.

How do you fix the Sims 3 Qtcore4.dll issue?

Uninstall your EA Download Manager and then reinstall that bitch! I know, right? How easy is THAT solution?!

I just went to my Control Panel and clicked on the handy-dandy “Uninstall a Program” and got rid of it. There are more complicated instructions at that Mod the Sims link dealing with “orphaned” files and such but just uninstalling the program worked for me and it took everything when it left.

Good¬†riddance…except now I had to reinstall the EA Download Manager and I’m sure you’re wondering, “Where the hell do I get whatever the heck you’re talking about?!”

EA has been nice enough to provide a link to fix their broken piece of crap and when the program is reinstalled, that mystery missing .dll should go back to its happy little place deep within the confines of your computer…where it should have been in the first place.

That’s what I did and it worked for me. No downloading of mystery .dll files from shady websites required.

Happy Simming!

*Edited to add: Apparently I have bigger issues and am killing the whole thing all over again. I’ll update again when I’m done. Blarg.*

*Edited again to add the final solution. You can find how finally I fixed my Sims 3 game here. Woot!*

  • zee x

    your freakin awseome <3 ; love the way you make it easy to understand & actually funny !

  • marissatweets91

    Oh wow, this was so great for me! thanks. now the damn launcher works… sick and tired of sims baffles and all there damn new updates they come out with. (:

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