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So I used to be totally into the Sims back in the day.

I was never very successful at the game but I always enjoyed it. Too much, it seemed. However, my Sims always went insane, or were rejected by the neighbor dude, constantly forgot to take out their garbage, or repeatedly attempted to burn down their house.

Nonetheless, it was a blast, but eventually I moved on to other things and left the Sims behind. Then I discovered The Sims 3. I was tantalized and I thought I would give it another try.

I’m blown away at how much different and improved the game is. They’ve really made it a lot easier for you now being able to fast forward through boring stuff and making certain things automatic. You guys already know this but bear with me, I’m still geeking out on how awesome this game is.

Choosing the personality traits in Create a Sim is quite possibly my favorite thing so far. I have to keep coming up with bizarro combinations. Eventually I will make a normal Sim and stick with it, but right now, I am just testing out genius traits mixed with insane. And it’s working. Seriously. My crazy person is far more successful than my virtuoso. Especially socially. Other Sims don’t seem to notice her talking to park benches, ranting at restaurant entrances, or freaking out on herself. They just like her. She hasn’t lost her job yet, and I can’t wait to see where this is going.

I am excited to be taking on this crazy adventure of getting sucked into the Sims 3 (and it’s happening very quickly). I can’t wait to learn all about the cool new features and see what kind of other great stuff awaits me. I hope you are patient with me as I learn the game and expand my knowledge.

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