Meet Coworkers Faster in Sims 3

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Meeting coworkers and classmates in Sims 3 is about as tedious as reading books and learning new skills can be.

If you hate waiting as much as I do, then I’ve found the answer to our problem to our collective prayers – the Meet Coworkers Quickly hack. What this hack accomplishes is it reduces the amount of time it takes to meet the people your Sims work with and attend school with.

There are several different “flavors” of this hack, so when you open the zip file, pick one – not all of them. Using more then one could possibly cause the sun to explode.

To give you an example of how much this hack speeds things along, the “plain” hack – jgp1_MeetCoworkersQuicker – allows you to meet coworkers/classmates in no less than 20 minutes and no more than an hour. Read the “Overview” page/included text file to get a full list of times for each hack.

Click here to download the Meet Coworkers Quickly for Sims 3.

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