March 2010

Video robot

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I absolutely and completely suck at making Sims 3 videos. OK. Videos in general. I either start recording before I mean to or after I meant to and I miss what I was trying to capture. Basically, I’ve learned my lesson about even trying. And when there’s […]

Easter is Sunday and though you have bunny patterns, your game is still missing something… How about a bunny for your Sims 3 kids? [Or heck, for the adults if they’re so inclined.] Jellybean Bunny can be enjoyed by any age Sim and if he’s/its put in a crib with a toddler, that toddler will […]

It’s almost Easter and even if you’re not religious, I bet you still partake in the bunnies, chocolate and other random goodies that tend to pop-up around this time of year. And since you have bunnies on the brain, I know you’re wanting some bunny patterns so you can spruce up your Sims’ houses for […]

Mini Coopers might be small but they pack a big punch when it comes to style. In addition to that, they’re just so darn cute it’s hard not to want one. But not everyone has the money or the access to the darling little cars. Unless you have Sims 3 installed… I will admit that […]

Are you sick and tired of the basic phone in Sims 3? Have you often wished you could have something “cooler”? Something more “now”? How about an Apple iPhone for your Sims 3 game? Say goodbye to that ugly default Sims 3 phone and say hello to your Sim’s new iPhone. Everyone else seems to […]